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June 1, 2010‐ SCM Credit, LLC collects its first payment in the new Dealer Support Center.

“I am truly excited to work in an atmosphere where everyone wants to win and be the best. Executive Management made a great decision to move into this space. It makes coming to work a joy.” Scott Gould, Chief Operating Officer, SCM Credit, LLC

May 15, 2010‐Second Chance Motors undergoes construction on Advertising Studio.

Second Chance Motors will utilize a portion of its Support Center space for and Advertising Studio for both radio and television. “The studio will help us respond to Market issues and trends faster than our competition allowing us to get the customers attention first” Monet Farr Advertising Director

April 1, 2010. Second Chance Motors sponsors Smyrna Little League Baseball.


“ When the opportunity presented itself. I just could not pass it up. Helping be a part of young kids learning the great American Pastime, Baseball was well worth it”. Christian Porter, Dealer Principal Marietta.


March 31, 2010‐ Second Chance Motors moves into its new Dealer Support Center.

This center is 15000 square feet of office space located in the heart of Marietta. The center will serve as the main hub of SCM Credit, the related finance company for the Second Chance Motors Dealerships. It will house all the underwriting, collections and recovery of the finance arm. The remaining space will be used to for accounting, Dealer Support, and training.


“This facility gives us the room to grow as our company grows. Lining this up with debt capital to increase our receivables will propel Second Chance Motors to being a force to reckon with in the “Buy Here Pay Here Space” Michael Farr Chief Executive Officer.

December 17, 2010‐ Second Chance Motors has it first annual Holiday Party at the Ritz Carlton, Atlanta.

With the Market spiraling downward and American Moral at an all time low, I thought it best
to show our gratitude to our employees for their hard work and effort. Cynthia Farr‐ President

November 16, 2009‐ Michael Farr visits all locations and gives every employee a Turkey for Thanksgiving.

“ I don’t know how Mr. Farr does it but he was in Houston giving Turkeys out this morning and in Atlanta giving them to the staff there. He went to 6 Dealerships in 2 states in one day. That shows his commitment to his employees and his business” Chong Lee Service Manager

November 1, 2009 SCM Credit underwrites and approves $20,000,000 in loans.

“Understanding where we started and the effort that has gone into this business, I thank our
customers for allowing us to be a part of their driving family. Michael Farr Chief Executive Officer

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