About Us

Michael Farr the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer followed in his father’s footsteps to play for both the U.C.L.A. Bruins and the Detroit Lions. After a successful career with the Lions football imagehe joined his father, as well as his brother Mel Farr, Jr and his sister Monet Farr to help build what would be the largest African American business in this country in 1996. Realizing he wanted to do more than just sell cars he opened Second Chance Motors in April of 2002. Shortly thereafter he coined the slogan “Guaranteed Cars. Guaranteed Credit.” With an unwavering commitment to excellence and the belief of selling reliable and affordable transportation, Second Chance Motors has propelled to being one of the top operations in its class. From its meager beginnings in Oak Park, Michigan, Second Chance Motors has successfully opened and operated stores in Michigan, Texas, North Carolina and Georgia. dealership imageUnderstanding the economies of scales and wanting to have the best product with the least amount of cost Second Chance Motors is concentrating strictly on the Georgia market. This concentration effort helps to meet our customers’ expectations every time. Michael Farr has developed a business through his experience of holding every position in his father’s highly successful automotive company. The experience does not stop there. Mike FarrSecond Chance Motors has highly experienced and motivated staff to help you with your purchase. With over 1000 years of combined experience from our staff and an average tenure of 7 years, we have the expertise to find the vehicle that will fit in your budget and your driveway! We pride ourselves in developing a relationship with every customer. We understand that bad things can happen to good people. That’s why Second Chance Motors has aligned itself with a true lender in this business, SCM Credit. SCM Credit looks at your future not your past. Michael Farr has positioned this finance company to be a force in this industry. Our owners, underwriters, and executive decision makers are as diverse as the customers we serve. Team PhotoThat helps to understand the issues that face the working class and design an approval for every customer that visits our showrooms. That diversity is unheard of in this industry. The SCM Credit pledge is to give our customers the one YES that will change their lives. That is evident in our underwriting; we look at how we can approve the loan and not reject the loan. We understand you are just one YES away! Second Chance Motors Mission is to give our customers the confidence that all their dreams will come true by providing the best product, the best service and a commitment to excellence. With clean up to date facilities and staff on hand to take care of your needs, Second Chance Motors changes lives by putting good people into good transportation, with good financing arrangements. We have grown because we take care of the customer and the customers take care of us, a true win win relationship.dealership Our performance as a company is credited to the outstanding staff members that show up daily to see our vision through. Our team presents a compelling case that something exceptional is occurring at Second Chance Motors. We start with a customer that may have had credit challenges. We begin to provide this customer a vehicle at one of our dealerships. We proceed with a long term relationship that is provided by securing financing for their purchase. We end with an experience that is fulfilling, rewarding and life changing for all parties.

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